Engineered hardwood flooring is ideal for elegant décor that won’t break the bank. The natural appearance and synthetic materials are perfect for any Point Grey, BC, house.

However, it takes an experienced group of contractors to get the most from your floors. That is why we repair, replace, and install any surfaces your home needs most.

At Flooring Masters, we offer a vast selection of natural and synthetic wood products. See why local area homeowners turn to us for their home renovations and upgrades.

The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Vancouver, BC

Some homeowners want wood floors, but they prefer something more durable. Engineered hardwood floors maintain their natural look, but they outperform traditional products.

During winter, they don’t contract nearly as much as natural wood surfaces do. That means less stress on your floors and better insulating properties.

Our engineered floors take on a wide range of unique grains, colours, and finishes. You can enjoy the appearance of a softer lumber species without worrying about maintaining it.

These flooring products stay durable for years, and they clean quickly as well. Contact Flooring Masters to discover the latest in natural and engineered surfaces.