Marble flooring installation should always be left to a contractor with plenty of experience. Otherwise, you’ll see your luxurious new floors becoming damaged quickly, and costing even more money to repair or finish.

Flooring Masters offers the best flooring solutions throughout Kitsilano, BC. From everyday products to elegant marble floors, we sell, repair, and install them all.

These unique surfaces need a reliable service team to handle them with proper care. Make sure you choose the best contractors around and contact us today.

The Best Marble Flooring Installation in Vancouver, BC

The primary downside to marble floors is that they can’t stay wet for too long. While the surface won’t damage too severely, it can cause discolouration and cracks.

Beyond that, these surfaces are both elegant and durable for many years. As far as colour goes, white is the standard colour for marble, but other patterns and veins exist as well.

When marble is used for flooring, these natural stone products clean quickly and are hypoallergenic. They look fantastic when used in entryways, bathrooms, and dining areas.

It takes an experienced team of installers to ensure perfect results every time. Hire Flooring Masters for stone surfaces and other affordable options.