Buying elegant furniture is nice, but it can feel challenging to maintain. Without a reliable source for upholstery repairs, your favourite items start looking worn.

To make matters worse, the cold Kitsilano, BC, winters can also cause them to deteriorate. That is why you need a dependable group of upholstery experts to keep your furniture looking like new.

Flooring Masters provides affordable service contractors to take on any damaged items you have. Protect your home’s sofas, couches, and other soft surfaces with our local experts.

The Best Upholstery Services in Vancouver, BC

Some furniture is meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes house guests or children have other plans. Children, pets, as well as food and beverage stains can ruin your upholstery.

Leather sofas, covered dressers, recliners, and many others all need repairs and refurbishments eventually. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t equipped to take on these maintenance needs alone, but we can.

Our service team works throughout Vancouver, keeping furniture looking its best every day. If your living spaces need our help, you can rely on our local contractors.

See why homeowners turn to us to keep their softer fabrics performing like new again. Contact FlooringMasters now for affordable services.